Adult Programs


Tiger-Rock Strength & Conditioning

(ages 16+)


Looking for a better way to get fit? The Tiger-Rock Strength & Conditioning class for adults adds a martial arts approach to high intensity group fitness training. Each class has a diverse selection of exercises including plyometrics, bag work, and strength training. The principles of our training program allow participants of various fitness levels to experience a challenging workout. As an individual progresses so does their ability to shape the complexity and intensity of the class.

Tiger-Rock Taekwondo Skills™

(ages 16+)


Start Your Revolution Now! The adult Taekwondo Skills training program was developed for individuals who want more than just the traditional gym experience. Our program focuses on the development of functional martial arts skill that provides real benefits both inside and outside the training facility. Why dread working out? At Tiger-Rock, we believe you can reach your goals through an exciting and enjoyable training program.