Community and giving back

Community! What is Community? It is many things, school, neighborhood, church, place of work...etc. It is important that we support and give back to our many communities. There are many ways to go about aiding our communities. For instance, volunteering at your child's school, signing up to raise money running a race, being on the neighborhood beautification committee and weeding the flower beds at the entrance, are ways to get involved. Getting involved and helping others not only helps those in need, it has many health benefits for those doing the helping. The other side of the coin is when you are the one in need, the community that you helped make strong is there to help you. Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Holly Springs is giving back this Saturday, March 24th. We are hosting a St. Baldrick's event where people sign up to shave their heads and others donate money to the foundation by donating money on that shavee's head. You don't have to shave your head to help. You can donate money, volunteer to help at an event or be a shaver if you are licensed (barber or cosmetologist). The web address if have an interest in this foundation is There are so many great organizations out there. Any one of them is in need of your support. Find one that speaks to your heart and jump in with both feet. Your community and you will be the better for it. If you have children getting them involved will teach them so very much about how to be a good citizen. Open your hands, your heart and your mind and join us and our TaeKwonDo Community in giving back.

See you on the mat!