Maintaining during the Holidays

Party here, party there, how can we stay on track when it comes to all of the holiday food? The answer is Portion Control. Take a TASTE of the things you want and then stay away from the table. Don't deny or deprive yourself of enjoying the season just eat very small amounts of the things you enjoy, you will be much more satisfied. If it is a buffett, once you have your plate move to another room away from the food. Avoid mounding your plate. Also, if you eat something like an apple before you leave for the party you will be less inclined to over eat at the party. The other trick is to dring a glass of water before leaving for the party and while there continue to drink water as well as limiting the adult beverages to one. The day after the party go back to a healthy diet and don't feel guilty for enjoying the celebration. Have a happy and safe Holiday season! Come join us for our interval training class call Kisado. It will torch any extra stuff you mignt have inadvertantly accumulated over the holidays. See you on the mat!