Not Just for KIDS!

TaeKwonDo is, by many, thought to be a "Kids only" activity. Having started at the age of 45 years old, I can safely tell you that it is for all of us kids from 3 to 93. It is a great total body workout. in fact, the estimated caloric expenditure for TaeKwonDo is from 12.17 cal/min to 18.17 cal/min depending on your size. TaeKwonDo addresses three components of a well balanced exercise program: cardio respiratory endurance, muscular endurance and flexibility. It increases power, strength, agility, coordination, reaction time, balance and speed. For the adults that do not want to spar, we have an option called ECAS. This is a segment in our TaeKwonDo class that teaches the student to use the basic skills learned to combat the civilian threats found in our daily lives. Learning these skills and practicing them on a regular basis prepares for anything that might come our way as we move about in our communities. If TaeKwonDo is not for you, we have an intense interval training class called Kisado. It is offered three mornings per week at 6am so you can get your workout in before most even start their day. The workout is done, no excuses, and you have energy to last the whole day. No more getting to the end of the day and not getting any exercise then feeling guilty. For those that have evenings open and can come to class, we have those also. Not interested in high intensity, then there is yoga. Feeling stressed? Yoga is a fantastic stress reducer. Not to mention the toned body that yoga is famous for developing. Less stress and toned body, who wouldn't benefit from that? TaeKwonDo, Kisado, yoga or a combination, it can't hurt to give it a try. See you on the mat!