Welcome 2012

Exercise and eating right are two of the New Years resolutions that MOST Americans make. The 1st obstacle is getting started! That is the hardest part. Can you afford not to? The next bump in the road to sustained health is keeping it going all year and from year to year. This requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. Healthy living is not a diet that we go on to loose a couple of pounds or a gym membership that we use for a couple of months. Healthy living is a lifestyle! Regular exercise that you enjoy (3 or more times per week) all year long and eating a balanced healthy diet all year long with appropriate portion sizes (NO Supersizing) and very limited seconds are what it takes. What you put in your mouth is VERY important along with the amount you eat. If you want to feel full longer consuming foods high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables (not juices) will help. A huge benefit is that they are loaded with vitamins and minerals along with water. You can also eat a larger serving of fruits and veggies than you can pasta, rice or potatoes. A very important ingredient to good health is staying hydrated! Drinking lots of UNSWEETENED beverages like unsweet tea and water will give your body the water it needs to function optimally. Our bodies are about 70% water and our cellular functions require water to happen. Caffeine can have a dehydrating affect on our system as well as alcohol so limiting these will keep us functioning at a higher level. If we live a healthy lifestyle all year long then the occasional party or night on the town will have little or no impact on our overall health. The only catch is that after the occasional night on the town the healthy lifestyle resumes the next morning. Living this way will open up potential for different resolutions for 2013!
See you on the mat!